Riwal sells first 100% electric 22-metre boom lifts

Riwal has sold two converted 100% electric JLG 660SJ boom lifts to the Norwegian rental company Sørby Utleie. Sørby Utleie will be the first rental company in the world to receive the JLG 660SJ electric, a machine that they will offer to their customers as a sustainable alternative to diesel-run machinery. The JLG 660SJ electric allows companies working at height to continue their projects while significantly reducing their
carbon emissions.

The machines have been converted from diesel to electric by Riwal’s expert technical team led by Nico den Ouden in the Netherlands. With a noise level below 70 BA and zero carbon emissions, this 100% electric boom lift is battery powered and has a 230 -volt integrated battery charger. The machine is delivered with non-marking tyres, so it can be used inside as well as outside. This newest model adds to Riwal’s offer of converted electric boom lifts, with working heights ranging from 22 metres up to 43 metres.

Lars Sørby, owner of Sørby Utleie, comments: “The focus on sustainability and carbon emission reduction in Norway is very high and continues to increase every day. We are looking forward to being able to help our customers meet government regulations and get their work done as efficiently as possible. We believe that the JLG 660SJ electric, together with our also recently delivered new JLG 1350SJP electric from Riwal, will be a fantastic addition to our fleet. We believe in long -term partnerships with our suppliers and Riwal will remain a preferred partner for Sørby Utleie.”

Pedro Torres, Riwal Chief Executive Officer, comments: “Our focus on developing sustainable solutions has led to the innovation of our unique, all-electric boom lifts. We decided to convert these machines with an increasing need for our customers to meet environmental regulations and have more sustainable options when using aerial work platforms. We look forward to collaborating with Sørby Utleie and doing business together again in the future.”

Riwal Jesper Becker and Lars Sorby 1