Riwal, with its headquarters in the Netherlands, is a leading specialist in the area of working safely and efficiently at heights. With 75 depot operations in 16 countries across Europe, the Middle East and India, Riwal is one of the major rental and sales companies in the world of powered access, doing business in over 70 countries worldwide. Riwal operates more than 19,000 aerial work platforms, telehandlers and forklifts and employs over 2,500 people. The Riwal story is one of continual growth and evolution dating back to 1968. In that year British crane rental firm Richards & Wallington opened its subsidiary in Holland. Twelve years later, the subsidiary became an independent company. The scope of operations was expanded by creating a separate company in 1986 specializing in the rental of aerial work platforms. That firm, Riwal Lift (the name comes from the first letters of Richards and Wallington), was the forerunner of the current Riwal. Recent years have seen a number of changes, beginning in 2001 with the establishment of Riwal Scandinavia in Denmark. In 2007 Riwal exited the crane rental business to focus exclusively on aerial work platforms. A period of steady expansion ensued with Riwal putting down roots all across Europe and setting up operations as well in the Middle East, India and Kazakhstan. To achieve its ambition to deliver the best customer experience in the industry, Riwal has embraced The Riwal Way, a business approach that incorporates best practices within and outside the organization. It delivers a continually improving offer of quality and service for its customers wherever they are operating worldwide. go to website

Holland Lift International

Holland Lift has been manufacturing and supplying scissor lifts for more than 25 years. Product sustainability and the scope of the supply programme are central to the company’s business operations. Holland Lift offers a wide range of products and extensive options in no fewer than 24 standard versions. Some of the features of the scissor lifts include working heights ranging from 6.5 to 34.0 metres, indoor and outdoor solutions, two‑wheel, four-wheel and track drive and lifting capacities of up to 1000 kg. Customized solutions are also possible. go to website

Kingfish Zeeland

Kingfish Zeeland is based in the Dutch province of Zeeland and uses the pure seawater of the Oosterschelde, a Natura 2000 nature reserve, to grow a healthy, antibiotic-free delicacy – the Dutch yellowtail. Also known as Seriola Lalandi, Pacific yellowtail and hiramasa and often used as a synonym for the closely related hamachi fish, Dutch yellowtail is a high-grade fish that may be prepared as sashimi or can be grilled or smoked. It is an excellent sustainable alternative and is recommended as a ‘Green Choice’ by the Good Fish Foundation. With daily deliveries across the EU, fresh kingfish yellowtail is available throughout the Netherlands all year round. go to website