AWP at Beth Sjalom in Amsterdam

After telephone contact, Timo Haaker from Amsterdam sends an e-mail to Riwal Hoogwerkers B.V. on April 10, this concerns his grandmother of 93 years old who lives in the care centre Beth Sjalom in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, several residents of this care centre have become infected with Corona, including Timo Haaker's grandmother. As Timo Haaker's grandmother is getting worse every day, the request is to arrange this as soon as possible.

Riwal Hoogwerkers B.V. would like to create a small "moment of happiness" for the residents and family of care institutions that are closed in the Netherlands because of Corona and therefore definitely want to help Timo Haaker.

Jasper Koomen has contacted Timo Haaker to discuss the possibilities and situation so that we can safely deploy the aerial work platform for the environment, family and residents.

After permission from the care centre Beth Sjalom, we delivered the aerial platform including service on Wednesday April 15th. Timo Haaker and 15 other family members were able to see their beloved grandmother again and give her a helping hand.

Timo Haaker and his family were very grateful and happy that Riwal Hoogwerkers B.V. wanted to do this for them however, Riwal Hoogwerkers B.V. is happy to be able to help and support in this way in difficult times for residents of care institutions and the family members.

Foto AWP bij Beth Sjalom in Amsterdam