Aerial platform ensures contact with family

Dordtenaar Cor de Graag went every week to visit his mother in nursing home Crabbehoven. But because of the corona measures this came to an acute end. Because he still wanted to see her, he called in the help of Riwal Hoogwerkers. The company was happy to help with the surprise.

"It was great," says Cor de Graag, when he's back on the ground. "I had expected that there was still glass between them, but there wasn't. It was as if I was just visiting her. I just couldn't give her a hug or kiss".

Riwal is happy that she can contribute in this way. "We were already thinking about what we could do in this time of crisis. Then we were approached this weekend and immediately thought: this is what we have to do", says Glenn Verburg of Riwal Hoogwerkers.

At least sixty residents of Crabbehoven will be visited by their loved ones in this way in the coming days. Riwal will stay at the home until Thursday. Cor de Graag hopes that the initiative will also be taken over in other places. "There are many more people who miss their children and grandchildren."

Riwal has already been approached by other homes. "We are certainly open to it. In the next few days we will see what we can arrange", Glenn Verburg says.

Source: RTV Dordrecht