Riwal stands with Ukraine

Riwal, specialist in rental and sale of aerial platforms and parent company ProDelta are launching a humanitarian fundraising campaign to help the victims and refugees as a result of the war in Ukraine. Shortly after Ukraine was invaded, thousands of people fled the violence and destruction. Many of these refugees arrive in neighbouring countries, including Poland.

To help the Ukrainian people where we can, Riwal in Poland initiated a humanitarian fundraising campaign, a campaign that has the full support of both the entire Riwal organisation and their parent company, ProDelta. With this campaign we support PAH, the Polish Humanitarian Action, it is their mission to provide aid to people suffering from armed conflicts and natural disasters.

In times like these, we as a company must take responsibility and do what we can to minimise the suffering of refugees. In Poland, refugees are cared for and provided with food, drink and basic medical needs. With this action we hope to motivate others to set up similar actions and to help the victims where possible.

Riwal Pro Delta refugees Ukraine